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Valid Blocks helps you, the investor, increase your cryptocurrency assets by participating in staking. "Non-Custodial" means you are always in control of your funds, so you can rest assured, your delegation is safe!

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Assets staked with us

  • Total assets staked:
  • Total rewards paid:
  • Number of delegators:

    EGLD $129.18 2.08%

    Chain type:
    Unbonding Period:
    10 days

    More details about Elrond

    SOL $13.43 1.24%

    Chain type:
    Mainnet Beta
    Unbonding Period:
    2 days

    More details about Solana

    CUDOS $0.055 17.92%

    Chain type:
    Unbonding Period:
    TBD days

    More details about CUDOS

    ROWAN $1.22 2.6%

    Chain type:
    Unbonding Period:
    TBD days

    More details about Sifchain

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    With our dedicated dashboard, tracking your rewards is a breeze!

    You can easily connect using your web wallet or Ledger device.

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    Why choose Valid Blocks?

    It's easy!

    Simply select the network, calculate your returns, and delegate with one simple transaction! We do all the heavy lifting for you. That includes the technical knowledge, software, hardware and 24/7 monitoring.

    It's safe!

    Highest level of security and top performance are the two pillars of our infrastructure. We strive to offer 100% availability, for maximized returns.

    It's fruitful!

    Your staked assets help secure the network, whilst earning passive rewards. Kudos to you for making the right choice!

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    Feel free to ask about delegation, rewards, networks, or anything else. Really, anything! We will get back to you as soon as possible.